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We carry a wide range of crystal glass nailfiles and accessories to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below. Please call for more information on our current promotions and custom options.

All crystal glass nailfiles decorated with Swarovski Crystals can be purchased with an attractive protective casing, which is not only unique but practical as well.

(excludes footfiles, translucent & rainbow nailfiles)

 Beware of BBC
While imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, cheap ones are an insult.  They may look similar, but there are distinct differences.

Tempered versus Non-Tempered 

Glass that is strengthened through the process of heating and then cooling the surface rapidly is known as Tempered Glass.  This process creates surface comprehension and tensile strength that causes glass to resist breakage, yet disintegrate into small pieces if a break occurs. Genuine Crystal Glass Nail Files are tempered and consistently test at 102% stronger than regular glass.

Hardened versus Non-Hardened

During the last phase of production, Genuine Crystal Glass Nail Files are hardened increasing their mechanical firmness. Genuine Crystal Glass Nail Files are hardened improving their resistance to breakage.
Lead and Chemicals

Imitation manufacturers may add lead or other undesirable additives or use chemicals during their manufacturing process files.
Genuine Crystal Glass Nail Files are environmentally safe.

Etched Grit versus Bonded Grit

Epoxy is used to bond grit to the filing surface of cheaper files.  The grit can wear off. The filing surface on Genuine Crystal Glass Nail files are acid-etched right into the surface.  That is why Genuine Crystal Glass Nail Files are guaranteed to never wear out or wear down.


Imitation colored file handles easily scratch.  The colour will come off when it comes in contact with water.  The colour also fades.
The handles on Genuine Crystal Glass Nail Files have a matte finish that never wears off or fades.

Float Glass Process versus Sheet Glass Process

Sheet Glass Process produces a lower quality glass than glass produced using the Float Glass Process. Genuine Crystal Glass Nail Files are produced using the Float Glass Process.  This is the same process used to make fine wine glasses and expensive crystal items.


Imitation files are thicker. The Float Glass Process used to produce Genuine Crystal Glass Nail Files controls the thickness of the files.
Like a fine wine glass, once you hold a Genuine Crystal Glass Nail File in your hand, you’ll recognise the difference immediately!

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